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Professional quality mutes and playing accessories to enhance your performance

Through its passion for diversity, creativity and innovation The Wallace Collection has created an all encompassing musical ethos.  SHARP is a five-point focus to pursue the exceptional and the extraordinary in brass music, with the aim to benefit all who engage with this musical passion.

The Wallace Collection Mutes

A comprehensive range of mutes for all brass instruments has been created to cater for the complex and diverse demands of performance – from practice to studio to concert, there’s a mute in The Wallace Collection series to suit your needs.

The Wallace Collection mutes are highest-quality precision-built and have undergone intense research and development to position them at the leading edge of brass instrument accessories.

All mutes are either lacquered or hard coated, enhancing both performance and visual appeal.  As a testament to their peerless quality in all aspects of performance, the mutes are used by an impressive list of leading musicians across the world as well as The Wallace Collection themselves.

Years of careful design and refinement enables these mutes to maintain a constant centre and respond evenly throughout the range at every dynamic.  The practice mutes, with adjustable resistance in certain versions, are the most innovative mutes available – the unique designs allow players to find and set the level of sound required.  The compact practice mutes for lower brass (Flugel to Baritone) can be transported completely in the bell making them completely mobile and avoiding the need for additional baggage.

These impressive mutes will enhance any player’s performance. We are confident the range offers a mute to meet every demand.

Model: TWC401CBG

Non-Toxic Valve Lubricant

Combining up-to-the-minute health and safety requirements with reliability and effectiveness, The Wallace Collection Non-Toxic Lubricant offers every performer a welcome reassurance that their health and their instrument’s functionality are in good hands. 

From beginner to seasoned professional this lubricant provides lightning valve reaction reaction without any residual aroma, or unwelcome and unsafe side-effects.


Buzzaid for Bb/C Trumpet

An effective embouchure-strengthening device, concentrating on focusing the ‘buzz’ from mouthpiece and lips.

Used correctly it can aid range, tone, control, stamina and flexibility and reduce mouthpiece pressure.  Using the Buzzaid allows you to use exactly the same playing position as playing on the instrument. The very low resistance is set at an optimum level for ease of use.


Sourcing Mutes and Accessories

Mailing List

The Wallace Collection mutes and accessories are regularly being used and featured by a wide variety of brass players across the world, with new additions being introduced to accommodate individual needs.

To ensure you are kept up to date with new products, we have set up a mailing list for you to join.  It’s simple to subscribe, it’s free and it’s a great way to ensure you don’t miss the latest news and pre-announcements on new products which form part of The Wallace Collection brand.

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Detailed Product Information

Detailed information, including photographs and specifications for each of the mutes is available from the manufacturer’s website www.wallacebrass.com.


We are delighted to be supported by a far-reaching dealer network, enabling the mutes and accessories to be available from a large range of high street music shops and online stores.  There is also a worldwide distributor network in place, so your regular supplier should always be able to obtain what you require even if they don’t currently stock the items.  A list of outlets is provided at www.wallacebrass.com.