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    SHARP – a 5 point focus to nurture the exceptional and the extraordinary


H is for Hardware

Superior quality poly-carbonate Natural Trumpets and tuition programme to enhance and develop the early stages of learning brass

Through its passion for diversity, creativity and innovation The Wallace Collection has created an all encompassing musical ethos.  SHARP is a five-point focus to pursue the exceptional and the extraordinary in brass music, with the aim to benefit all who engage with this musical passion.

The Brass for Beginners Natural Trumpet

We have been working with Brass for Beginners LLC in Chicago, and are delighted to be involved with their magnificent natural trumpets and brass development programme following the time-travelling adventures of Ragnor the caveman.  The instruments are a fantastic starting point for learners and an ideal means of establishing all the vital basics of good playing from the outset.

They’re an ideal learning instrument – made from poly-carbonate and having no valves/slides to distract or confuse.  There has been no compromise on tonal quality either.  Years of careful design and refinement enables these instruments to offer a superior quality of sound and tuning, whilst offering robustness which can withstand the enthusiastic activities of a young learner.

The natural trumpets are supplied with a comprehensive carry case and a matching plastic mouthpiece.  At present the mouthpieces supplied are trumpet-driven, but we are also looking in to developing larger mouthpieces, enabling potential talent who would be more suited to larger instruments to still gain the valuable learning experience these instruments offer.

These impressive instruments offer an ideal distraction-free means of establishing the fundamentals of brass playing for the new learner.  Their ease of playing, encompassing an appealing harmonic range provides a particularly positive tool when used in group learning sessions – there can be no such thing as a ‘wrong’ note!


Discovering Brass programme led by The Wallace Collection

Purchasing the Natural Trumpets

We are delighted to offer most of our selected products for sale through our own online shop at www.TheWallaceCollectionShop.World, including sheet music, brass band sets, books and CD recordings.

We are currently working with three schools in London on a special development projects using the natural trumpets.  Once these have been completed in March 2018, we will be able to share lots of footage, feedback and information about the successful use of the trumpets as an enhanced learning device.  

We hope to have the trumpets and accompanying books available for sale soon after.  If you are interested in finding out more about these exciting instruments, please contact us at info@thewallacecollection.world.

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