• shArp - Advocacy
    SHARP – a 5 point focus to nurture the exceptional and the extraordinary


A is for Advocacy

Supporting, promoting and highlighting the broad diversity of brass music

Through its passion for diversity, creativity and innovation The Wallace Collection has created an all encompassing musical ethos.  SHARP is a five-point focus to pursue the exceptional and the extraordinary in brass music, with the aim to benefit all who engage with this musical passion.


The Wallace Collection, whilst offering an exciting array of musical performance in its own right, is also an enthusiastic supporter of musical opportunities which help to break through boundaries which explore creative ways to make brass music, in all its forms at all ages and stages, accessible and engaging to the public.

Through workshops, presentations, innovative music programming, the creation of collaborative projects which focus reaching out to performers and audiences alike, The Wallace Collection are generating a widespread interest in the vast diversity of brass music.  The Wallace Collection are committed to generating a widespread interest in this exceptional and extraordinary genre.

Below are a series of recent projects which demonstrate this compelling sense of advocacy that The Wallace Collection represent and pursue.

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The Wallace Collection have the pleasure and privilege of becoming involved with lots of new opportunities to help promote and support the wider-awareness and development of brass music.  To ensure you are kept up to date with these new developments or take advantage of the opportunities they offer, we have set up a mailing list for you to join.  It’s simple to subscribe, it’s free and it’s a great way to ensure you can keep up to date with the various projects and opportunities being presented by members of The Wallace Collection.

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